The Lower Towamensing Township Board of Supervisors passed the Resolution against the construction of PennEast pipeline. The vote was unanimous. Thank you, Towamensing Township!



The Lower Tow Supervisors will be meeting on March 10, 7pm, at the municipal building.  The address is 595  Hahns’ Dairy Road, Palmerton. A vote on a resolution against the PennEast pipeline is on the agenda. Please come out and give your support!

The pipeline will cut across Exceptional Value Wetlands and potential Bog Turtle habitat. It will also cause additional forest fragmentation and be a corridor for invasive species to become established.

The need for this pipeline is murky- most, if not all of the gas looks to be for export. And, why the need for a new Right of Way (ROW)? Transco/Williams already has a major ROW that goes in the same direction.

PennEast estimates 12,000 jobs- nearly all temporary (and minimum wage), such as motel rooms, food services, etc. Construction will be done by workers from Texas, Oklahoma- pipeline specialists.

Pipelines have been leaking and exploding more frequently-you have probably seen this on the news. It is cheaper and easier for the gas companies to make short-cuts and then pay the fines.  They are unwanted, temporary neighbors to most of us. Groups who want to take the benefits and then leave. And they leave a forever changed landscape in their wake.