A huge thank you to several of our members that braved the cold, cloudy and VERY windy day to provide coverage at our informational booth for the first Monroe County Earth Day celebration. We were set up by 10:00 am, and there were some people already making the rounds to view the exhibitors. Please click on the photos to enlarge-

APWC Earth Day 2016 002We did bring our new canopy- however, if we had put it up, it probably would have been blown all the way to the Delaware Water Gap! A preliminary count of visitors tallied over 1,000 people that braved the conditions to see what conservationists have been doing in Monroe County. Friends of Cherry Valley National Wildlife Refuge had a booth, as did Monroe County Watershed Alliance, Pocono Heritage Land Trust, Close the Loop Recycling, Monroe County Conservation District, and many others. There were live bands, and really great food provided by the host site, the Monroe campus of the Northampton Community College.

We were visited by many individuals and groups. Some were interested in what watershed they live in, and we were able to enlighten them as to what a watershed is, and how we all live in a watershed. We also did a demonstration of meter testing, and a demonstration of keying out macroinvertebrates. We stressed that the meter testing was a snapshot of stream quality, whereas the presence of certain pollution intolerant macroinvertebrates was a great way to gauge the health of a stream over a 2-3 year period.

APWC Earth Day 2016 006We think that this was our most successful community outreach event yet! The people that stopped by our booth, be they concerned or curious citizens or a Girl Scout Troop,  were genuinely interested in what we do, and why we do it- we really felt that we had a good connection to our community.

APWC Earth Day 2016 004

Thanks again to our members that showed up to help!!



APWC Spring Cleanup 2016 006APWC held our 2016 Earth Day Roadside Cleanup on April 16. Members Beth, Charlie, Carolyn and Jim were assisted by Sandy, Ginnie and Sue from the Living Hope Lighthouse Church. Thanks to everyone! 16 bags of trash were collected, along with 2 tires, plywood scraps, shingles, a printer, and a TV.

We did something different this year. We seperated all the water bottles. The total was 87! (Please click on a photo to enlarge!)

APWC Spring Cleanup 2016 020Out of the 87, Nestle` products- Deer Park, Poland Springs, Pur Life- added up to 42.  Dasani, a Coca Cola product, added up to 15. There were 19 mixed brands and 11 unknown- no labels. Quite a few of the bottles were at least half full.

APWC Spring Cleanup 2016 015We were surprised to find 1 bottle from Ross Common. At one time, there was a bottling company at Ross Common, the headwaters of Aquashicola Creek. That company went away in the late 1980s. A look at the label revealed that this water came from Fox Ledge Spring in Honesdale, Pa!