APWC Spring Cleanup 2016 006APWC held our 2016 Earth Day Roadside Cleanup on April 16. Members Beth, Charlie, Carolyn and Jim were assisted by Sandy, Ginnie and Sue from the Living Hope Lighthouse Church. Thanks to everyone! 16 bags of trash were collected, along with 2 tires, plywood scraps, shingles, a printer, and a TV.

We did something different this year. We seperated all the water bottles. The total was 87! (Please click on a photo to enlarge!)

APWC Spring Cleanup 2016 020Out of the 87, Nestle` products- Deer Park, Poland Springs, Pur Life- added up to 42.  Dasani, a Coca Cola product, added up to 15. There were 19 mixed brands and 11 unknown- no labels. Quite a few of the bottles were at least half full.

APWC Spring Cleanup 2016 015We were surprised to find 1 bottle from Ross Common. At one time, there was a bottling company at Ross Common, the headwaters of Aquashicola Creek. That company went away in the late 1980s. A look at the label revealed that this water came from Fox Ledge Spring in Honesdale, Pa!