Features of our watershed

Beltzville Lake

~ Beltzville Lake which covers an area of  947 acres, is located on Pohopoco Creek; it provides flood control, water supply and recreation.

~ The total area of the watershed exceeds 189 square miles.

~ Wild Creek and Penn Forest Reservoirs both serve the city of Bethlehem.

~ A natural fish hatchery is located on the Aquashicola Creek.

~ A covered bridge located on Lower Smith Gap Rd is a historical landmark.

~The upper eight miles of Aquashicola Creek And Ross Common Creek are within the Cherry Valley National Wildlife Refuge.

~Aquashicola Creek has wetlands designated as Exceptional Value due to the presence of Endangered Species.

~A 2.2 mile segment of the Aquashicola is designated as a Class A Wild Trout Stream.

~Aquashicola Creek is bordered on the south by Kittatinny Ridge, a world known Important Bird Area and the Atlantic Flyway Migratory Corridor.

~ The Appalachian Trail runs along the top of Kittatinny Ridge. Kittatinny Ridge is also known as Blue Mountain.


Pohopoco Creek at Kresgeville
Aquashicola Creek at Palmerton, PA
Beltzville Dam
Beltzville Lake near Parryville, PA

USGS Real-Time Water Data Retrieval Map