In March of 2022, the Minsi Trails Council of the Boy Scouts of America announced that it will consolidate Camp Minsi in Stillwater Lake in Pocono Summit and Trexler Scout Reservation in Polk and Chestnuthill Townshios for camping. The plan is to sell the Trexler property and use the sale to offset debt and reduce expenses. The scouting program is experiencing much lower membership and increasing costs.  This action is completely understandable.     However, due to the location of Camp Trexler, APWC is concerned about the possibility of this land being turned into housing or other uses that would be detrimental to Middle Creek. The Trexler property is located in the headwaters of the creek and has several natural springs and two small lakes. It is approximately 750 acres of forested land, and is very close in proximity to the Jonas Preserve. When large contiguous areas such as this are broken up, forest fragmentation occurs. Fragmentation leads to the introduction of invasive species such as barberry, knotweed, and stiltgrass to name a few. Once these invasive species get a foothold, they are extremly difficult to eradicate.

APWC would like to see the Trexler tract remain as a single large property that retains it's natural character.  A land conservancy, hunting or fishing camp, or state/ county park would be the perfect choice to sell to. We urge the Minsi Council to consider this in their negotiations with prospective buyers.

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