We would like to welcome all our new members from Blue Mountain Village! The residents contacted APWC to draw our attention to several problems at the lake. There is an issue with water level due to a malfunctioning sluice gate. The gate is at the bottom of the dam, allowing cooler water to be drained into the Aquashicola. When the lake level rises above the top of the dam, warmer water is spilled over, resulting in the possibility of thermal degradation.

There is also a gap in the screen that is allowing grass carp to escape into the Class A Wild Trout segment of Aquashicola Creek! This was observed by APWC Board members on August 28, 2014.Grass carp are listed as an aquatic invasive species, even though these carp are supposed to be sterile and not capable of reproducing. It only take two to create a nightmare scenario for the creek! A repair to the screen seems like a simple solution, and inexpensive as well.

Our President spoke to the property owner on October 10, 2014. The owner stated that the problem was resolved, but APWC was forbidden access to verify.

APWC would like to state that our goal is a clean stream- and adherence to state regulations.



APWC will meet at Polk Municipal building, 7pm, November 18th.

Come on out and support your watershed and clean water!!




Due to the rain, our exhibit at Ross Township Day was a wash out. We had a good display of invasive plant species, and a buzzboard for kids to match larval macroinvertebrate species with the adult forms. The rain squashed our efforts. There were far more exhibitors than people interested in the exhibits.

However, at our last meeting, a motion was made and passed to purchase a waterproof canopy so we need not worry about bad weather for our community outreach events.



The Friends of Cherry Valley hosted a Spring Festival at the Moreton Homestead on May 17th. This was the first such event held on Cherry Valley National Wildlife Refuge grounds. Attendance was estimated at 300 people. The event went well, in spite of very muddy conditions due to a 4″ rain storm the preceding day.
There were 25 exhibitors representing many local environmental groups, recycling information, and wildlife rehabilitation. A representative from the Lenape Nation demonstrated games for children and tribal objects.
An archery range was set up for the kids, as well as fishing, seed planting, bird house building, nature walks and bird feeder making.
We hope the next festival will attract even more people!



APWC Newsletter Spring 2014
Here is our latest newsletter. If you would like to write something for our next publication, please send it to apwc.nepa@gmail.com.



Our Spring cleanup took place on Saturday, April 12th. We had six volunteers, picked up ten bags of trash, some rolls of carpet, some tires and another television along our assigned section of Lower Smith Gap Road. We were assisted by several members of the Living Hope Lighthouse Church- thanks so much!



We attended the December 21,2010 Environmental Quality Board hearing in Harrisburg. One of the items on the agenda was to continue the Petition process for redesignation of the Aquashicola to Exceptional Value (click on Petition on this page). DEP made a short and well done presentation, and the matter was put to a vote. The result was nearly unanimous in favor of further research. One step further along!



DEP has received our Petition to redesignate the Aquashicola Creek (from source to confluence with Buckwha Creek) to Exceptional Value.

In the November 1, 2010 Pa Environment Digest, a section gave notice that the Aquashicola will be evaluated by DEP. The link is: http://www.paenvironmentdigest.com/newsletter/default.asp?NewsletterArticleID=17184.

Please comment if you have anything to add via contact number on our site.