Appeal Hearing Decision For Warehouse Permit Will Be On  Tuesday, January 30, 6 pm!!


  APWC requested and was granted standing before the Ross Township Zoning Hearing Board (ZHB) regarding the Tighe and Neil Scott application for a preliminary opinion of the Zoning Office. Background: The Scott brothers own property in Monroe County at the intersection of Rt. 115 and Rt. 33. This land is immediately adjacent to the headwaters of the Aquashicola Creek (if you are familiar with the former Ross Common Spring Water facility, it is just uphill from that). The Scotts intend to sell the property to a developer who has plans to build a 316,800 square foot facility with a total tract area of 1,679,408 sq. feet, multiple truck bays and even more parking spaces. They claim that this is a “warehouse” and not a “distribution center/truck terminal” (DC/TT). APWC obtained copies of Ross Twp. Zoning Ordinances and definitions of various types of buildings, uses, and landscape features. The property is located in the General Commercial (GC) Zone. A Warehouse in the GC Zone is a Permitted use subjected to the requirements of the SALDO, whereas a DC/TT would be considered a Special Exception requiring a Planning Commission review and approval by the ZHB. As a reminder, Zoning Ordinances are adopted by townships for the purpose of regulating development and activities within the township borders in accordance with the Pennsylvania Municipality Planning Code.  Citing the proximity of the property to the creek and noting the many years that we worked to have it redesignated by DEP to EV status, our request for participation in these proceedings was granted. At the meeting it became clear that our Zoning Officer considered a facility of these specifications to be a DC/TT not a warehouse. This decision is what the Scotts appealed to the ZHB. No decision by the ZHB was made on this date. There were three other parties who also requested standing on this issue: One was PennFuture, and the other two were neighbors to the property. As interested parties we were provided the opportunity to submit a written statement of our position/opposition to this matter by March 31st, which was done.

The Zoning Hearing Board will announce their decision regarding the appeal by the Scotts  on Tuesday, January 30 2024 at 7 pm. The location is:

Ross township Municipal Building

250 Anchorage Rd

Saylorsburg, Pa 18353

Many thanks to Abby and Brigitte of PennFuture for their guidance, to Linda S. for showing up at meetings and lending her support.