The_conservation_interests_can_get_what_they_need_if_they_will_pull_togetherWe recently had the honor of attending an event at the National Conservation Training Center in Sheperdstown, West Virginia. It was a meeting of people from all over our nation that belong to a “Friends” group. The focus was Moving Friends Forward, and was geared to energise and encourage groups to keep up the good work they have been doing, as well as how to deal with Boards that were stagnant, raising new memberships, etc. Every National Wildlife Refuge in the country has a Friends group that helps with events such as educational and community outreach- things that the refuge staff might not have the time to do. As we are partnered with the Friends of Cherry Valley NWF, the lessons were applicable to APWC as well.

The event was over a four day period, and we had a room and board at the facility. At the end of the sessions, we felt like we had a few hundred new Friends! As well as digging out of a record 42″ of snow- it was that weekend!

Back to the title- we stayed at the Ding Darling Lodge, and we were stunned by the editorial cartoons that this man had done. Comments on everything from the Depression, World War Two, Conservation, etc.