The Eldred Township Zoning Board is holding hearings regarding the application by Nestle`/Deer Park to withdraw water from the Gower property on Buckwha Creek at a rate of 200,000 gallons per day every day, for a ten year lease period.  Included will be 60 tanker truckloads a day, at all hours.

This is a very convoluted story- we are including some links that should help to clarify things. An excellent article can be found at There is also a very well done blog that can be found at It is right up to date, and is informative as well as entertaining!

A local citizen- led group that opposes Nestle`/ Deer Park  has formed as well. They can be found at The citizens of Eldred Township are vastly opposed to this project- it is a blatant attempt to steal their drinking water, and APWC is in opposition to Nestle` Deer Park as well.

The Eldred Township Zoning Board will be holding ongoing meetings to address the application on 5/18, 6/15, and 7/20. These meetings will be held at the Eldred Firehouse, 7pm.