On June 9, at the Eldred Township Board of Supervisors Meeting, Nestle` withdrew it’s application to withdraw 200,000 gallons of water per day form the Gower site.  The announcement was followed by a standing ovation, clapping, and tears of relief. Thanks are in order to the residents that banded together and showed that the “little people” can indeed stand up for their rights!

Nestle` stated that the permit withdrawal was based on several reasons, among them issues with zoning improprieties and working around an existing business. In a written statement, Nestle`said that they believe in partnering with communities to provide economic and community benefits. Nestle` hydrogeologist and spokesman Eric Andreus said “It is clear to us that the community in Eldred Township does not believe the process around this project worked the way it was intended and that many of you have concerns about this project. We want you to know we hear you.”

This contadicts all national reports on Nestle extractions as these communities are all opposed- see the posts below for examples.

A rumor that Nestle` was exploring additional sites in the region were denied by Nestle at the Polk Township Board of Supervisors meeting on June 27. Mr. Andreus stated that ” At this time, Nestle` Waters is not monitoring springs or exploring the potential for a spring source in the CJERP Region.” CJERP is the Chestnuthill, Jackson, Eldred, Ross, and Polk Regional Joint Plan.