Watershed Pollution

As humans we pollute the watershed in many ways. Houses, farms, junkyards and shopping malls to name a few, all have a direct impact on groundwater. as rain falls on the land, it picks up pollutants that can contaminate our groundwater. These pollutants include chemicals, such as farm and lawn fertilizers and pesticides that will eventually effect the quality of our drinking water.

Improperly maintained septic systems cause bacteria, viruses, nitrates and phosphates to leach into the groundwater.

As population continues to grow and develop its effective use and management of water resources has become essential. Increased urbanization has led to more severe flooding because runoff reaches streams more rapidly and in greater quantity from areas where the land surface has been covered by materials such as buildings & pavement.

Something strange in the air?

Odor problems can be reported to the state Department of Environmental Protection. DEP has set up a toll-free number people can call to report problems.

The number is (866) 255-5158. People may also call DEP’s Wilkes-Barre office at (570) 826-2511.

Water Cycle

Water never stops moving. Snow and rain fall to the earth from clouds. The rain and melted snow run downhill into rivers and lakes, sometimes crashing over waterfalls. Eventually the water flows into the ocean.

During evaporation, the water turns from liquid into gas, and moves from oceans and lakes into the atmosphere where it forms clouds. Then the cycle begins all over again.

Dept. of Environmental Protection